Saturday, June 16, 2012

I am learning!!


I am new in the study of other religion but i am trying to give my best to study the other religion as i am comparing with mine.. This will make my study about my religion as well indirectly.. All the time is that i have only look toward Islam only but never want to make new improvement of doing studying about the other religion.. and I just want to compare and this comparison will make me a strong believer. 

As i am learning i just want to explore the real comparison and answering and questioning about other to.. Than i go to the Youtube.. As i go to this video.. there are comment that i want to try arguing so that i can get much more input.. i don't have to prove who is wrong who is right but i just want experiencing the challenge if i am gonna get ask in real world what are the question might come to me.. this is the link to  
the video title 

and if you see the comment there i have been debating for several days with the other person.. And i am sorry for it because i have this tendency to win.. after this blog.. i would like to stop this debate that have been going for days.. YA-HA.. because i might have insulting him and other that i do not want but i think i have insulted him.. huhuhu i am sorry for that..

this is some of the example of the question from him i got.. 

"Mow on to my questions to you. Their are 109 verses of violence in the koran, calling on fighting the "unbelievers". Also; while Jews and Christians are called "people of the book", they were giving 3 choices in islamic invasion..convert, pay a tax of superiority, or die. Now, how does that make any sense?. Furthemore, it says in sura 5:51.."O ye who believe, take not Jews and Christians as friends". CONTINUED..

"the hadith is even more explicit. bukhari 52:177 says to kill Jews. 52:256 says to kill all pagans without mercy..yet sabians are said to be equally rewarded for good deeds????. This makes absolutely no sense!!!!!!!..
Furthermore, does it make sense that the Torah and Gospels got it SOOOO wrong that they completely changed core principles of the divinity of Christ, and made their prophets look "worse"????. Even as ALL documented scriptures show otherwise?????.

other you can see it at the comment on youtube.. 

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  1. nice to read ur blog.everything is about Religion, Allah is very interesting. is. nice to know about Allah.